​Rock & Roll Denim takes us ​to a new place​. You thought ​they only wanted to make you look good​. They want your home to rock too. This blanket from Rock & Roll Denim is a new depth of beauty and comfort​. Its softness is only outweighed by its feel of security ​in the warmth it provides. ​Rock & Roll Denim ​has stepped up the richness ​of color to make it pop in any decor, any color and ​any home​. It's 100% Polyester for durability, Machine Washable for convenience, and designed in Texas for that added flare you expect when you take home​ Rock & Roll Denim​.



  • Denim Blue
  • Sun​rise Aztec Print ​
  • 100% Polyester
  • ​​Sherpa Lined 
  • Machine Washable


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